DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and older people

Nom del tutor
Sergio Sayago

Temàtica del projecte
Human-Computer Interaction

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Descripció del projecte

A growing “making culture” is widely regarded as the next phase of societal evolution. A number of available digital technologies and toolkits, such as Arduino, provide ordinary people with almost countless opportunities to self-create their own digital artifacts and to exert both their voice and influence on issues of public concern. Yet, and despite a growing ageing population, very little is known about the relationship between people aged 60 and above (aka older people) and this DIY (Do-It-Yourself; Do-It-With Others…) citizenship. The aims of this TFG are to understand the relationship between DIY and older people and to examine their experiences of digital creation by, for instance, tailoring existing toolkits to their interests and needs. In this TFG, I am interested in addressing questions such as: What digital artifacts would older people create if they were given the opportunity? How difficult or easy-to-use are current DIY toolkits for older people – and how can we make these toolkits and technologies better for the sixty / seventy / eighty something and their communities?

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