Nom del tutor
Eloi Puertas, Joan Espel

Temàtica del projecte
Software Development, Linear Algebra, PCA

Estudiant assignat

Descripció del projecte

Infrared spectroscopy is a well-established chemical analysis technique used in many industries (alimentary, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, etc.) and research fields (astronomy, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, etc.).
The involved instrumentation as well as the associated hardware both need to comply with some specific requirements to be properly implemented and used.
In the context of a collaboration between the companies AI LAB Swiss AG, GHM Genetic Development SL and Van Bruggen Glasinstrumenten & Lab BV, we have developed a spectrophotometer and need an engaged student to develop the corresponding software that will be delivered with the instrument.


• The student will be instructed about the specific features that such a software needs (related with data-integrity in the context of pharmaceutical industry) and the mathematical tools to implement (being the main ones principal component analysis -PCA- and partial leas squares regression -PLS-, both relying on linear algebra).
• The platform where the software must be run (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or iOS) as well the CMS (standalone or cloud) will be chosen according to practical criteria.
• A stipend of 150€/month will be paid to the student. In addition, a final incentive of 500€ will be also given to the student proportional to the accomplishment of the desired software features. These features will be defined and agreed on by both parts (companies and university) at the beginning of the project.
• The companies will also take care of costs related to eventual visits of the student at their respective facilities (Rotterdam and Zürich), if needed.
• A prototype of the spectrophotometer will be lent to the university for software testing purposes.

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